Q: What do you mean by restoration?

A: It’s choosing to resurface your aged or discolored interior surfaces instead of replacing them. For example, ceiling restoration includes the application of a special coating, similar to factory finish applied to the tiles, grids, vents, diffusers, and speaker plates all in place. Stone restoration varies between restorative cleaning and refinishing – re-polishing or honing of dull, once-polished marble, terrazzo, or granite floors and walls.

Q: Aesthetically, what does a restored ceiling look like?

A: It has a natural look. Ultra-white ProCoustic immediately brightens a space without additional lighting. Our process recreates the original tile surface.

Q: If I can buy new at fairly reasonable prices, why wouldn’t I just replace?

A: Don’t forget all the other costs associated with replacement. Labor to remove old and install new. Dumping fees into landfills. Installation time (replacement takes about three times longer than restoration). Costs of other trades, such as electricians, plumbers and HVAC. These start to add up.

Q: What about cost savings?

A: Depending on the degree wanted, restoration generally runs anywhere from one-third to one-half the cost of replacement. And that’s a conservative comparison with installation costs.

Q: What kind of products do you use?

A: We use the finest, safest, highest quality products out on the market. We partner with suppliers that truly want to help the end-user and carbon footprint reduction.

Q: I have a 24 hr. facility, how do you work around that?

A: We built this business around the clients timetable. Many projects are scheduled at night or during off-hours with the idea of as little business interruption as possible.  For areas we cannot “shutdown” (grocery store sales floors, plant production areas, etc.) we implement high safety standards; safety fencing, caution tape and cones and a precautionary “ground guy” to help assist our equipment operators and your customers and employees.

Q: So what’s the next step? How do I obtain pricing?

A: Simple. Give us the facility address. We’ll walk the site. Determine what is needed for restoration and we will get a proposal off to you ASAP. Once approved, we will coordinate the work with your store manager or facility contact on scheduling. If it is part of an overall remodel and there is a GC on the job, we’ll work with them on the logistics and job specifics. In some instances, we can “ballpark” proposals by emailing us the approx. sq. ft., pictures of concerned areas, heights and a schematic floor plan.

Q: What if we have many stores to do? Is there any additional cost savings?

A: Generally speaking, the more square footage you can give us, the lower the square foot price. If you want us to restore multiple sites, we are more than happy to discuss that with you.

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