We Know Ceiling Restoration. acoustical ceiling restoration in Madison

The Most Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient Way

to Achieve Like-New Acoustical Tile Ceilings

For a 1/3 of the cost of replacement, ceiling restoration in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wisconsin has become a viable and affordable option that will dramatically improve the look and cleanliness of your facility. acoustical ceiling restoration in Green Bay acoustical ceiling restoration in Milwaukee acoustical ceiling restoration in Madison
  • The best capital improvement for aged and discolored acoustical ceilings as far as environmental, health and safety is concerned.
  • Least amount of business interruption per your schedule Vs. replacement and painting.
  • Best surface recycling program – materials don’t end up in landfills.
  • Helps reduce energy consumption due to greater light reflectance with “Ultra White”.
  • Outlasts the life of new tile and is UV stable.
  • Resurfaces and finishes the entire ceiling system in place.
  • Tiles will not bind to supporting grid system.  Latex paint will.

Prepare The Area

We encapsulate the entire area that is going to be restored with poly sheeting.  Walls, floors, furnishings and any other fixtures that need to be protected are carefully masked using ProCoat’s patented techniques.

Restore Your Surface

The restoration coating is then applied to ceiling tiles, supporting tee systems and such accessories as speaker plates and diffusers. Restoration is achieved through spray application of a product emitting low VOCs and having high light dispersion and refraction. The coating is non-toxic, and safe for spray application even in laboratory or healthcare applications.

Enjoy For Years!

Your customers and employees will be sure to enjoy the bright and fresh facility atmosphere.  Architects claim the life of a restored ceiling is roughly eight years.  Which is equal to the expected service life of a new ceiling and greater than that of a cleaned or repainted ceiling.  Since 1996, we’ve been properly maintaining these investments for generations to come.

The Benefits


  • Not a chemical cleaner, paint or dye
  • Eliminates or decreases the solid waste disposal associated with replacement.
  • Can be easily custom colored to match any interior design plan.
  • Out performs chemical cleaning & traditional painting from a financial, aesthetic & functional viewpoint.
  • The new surface finish will last as long or longer than a new tile would, when subjected to the same environmental conditions.
  • Immediately brightens your ceiling space without additional lighting, creating the desired Cleaner, Fresher Look.
  • We are trained to fully mask & protect merchandise, furnishings, lights, sprinkler heads, cameras, walls & floors.
  • ProCoat produces an immediate WOW factor.


  • Costs less than half and is completed in one third of the time required for ceiling tile removal & replacement.
  • ProCoat is listed with the USGBC.
  • Contributes to LEED Credits
  • Increases the acoustical value – higher noise reduction coefficient (NRC).
  • Benefits from the application of a Class-A fire retardant coating.
  • Reduces the combustion toxicity level of the ceiling material.
  • Has a higher light reflectance level than a new ceiling tile and/or a latex painted ceiling tile.
  • Will not create an artificial gloss or shine – latex paint will.
  • Will not buckle or warp nor be stuck to the supporting grid system, unlike latex paint.

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More Options:
  • Tile Replacement– Complete or partial (we may be able to match existing tiles).
  • Grid covers– Vinyl covers for the grid work that has become rusted, pitted or discolored with age.
  • Faux Tin Thermoplastic Ceiling Tiles– Complete line of classic or contemporary tiles that mimic tin ceilings, includes matching grid cover finish.
  • Etch|Prime|Top Coat – Refinish the grid, diffusers, vents & other fixtures of your choosing. For ceilings that have multiple generations of tile (checkerboard effect), Acoustical Resurfacing is the perfect option to brighten up and uniform these ceilings at half the replacement costs. An on-site evaluation is recommended.
  • *Color and style options are available.


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