Vinyl sheet rock ceiling restoration in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay Wisconsin

After years of experimenting and testing, we found © Procoat’s Food Prep Restorative Coatings are safe eco-friendly solutions for commercial kitchen ceiling and wall resurfacing. These restorative coatings are excellent sustainable answers for many ceiling and wall materials and are completely safe for food grade and clean room applications for finishes that are showing age or neglect. These cost saving solutions are the perfect alternative to purchasing and installing new materials in Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wisconsin.

© ProBond

An innovative two part restoration coating designed for non‐porous surfaces. With © Probond , old becomes new again at a fraction of the cost of replacement. The environmental benefits associated with utilizing this product are twofold due to the fact that restoration
results in using existing materials instead of replacing them and thus diverts materials from filling up landfills. © Probond is also VOC compliant in all fifty states.

The Benefits:

1. Less downtime – Less expensive – Long lasting results
2. Resists abrasions that commonly result from
hard use, even more so than most alkyd enamels
3. Perfect for aged or previously painted interior FRP panels
4.  Binds into the materials surface and will not scratch off



© Probond sticks to most surfaces that paint generally will not. When applying this product the receiving material must be in sound condition.
Any deep scratches, gouges or holes need to be repaired first.  © Probond is a water based product making it easy to apply over conventional coatings
without lifting or wrinkling which is common when using solvent based products.

© Probond is Used For:

FRP Laminates Metal Slatwall Cash Wraps/Cash Stands Wood Cabinetry Fixtures (Any Type) Millwork Furniture Bathroom Partitions Lockers Walls in Food Prep Areas Wall Board Fiberglass Store Fronts(Interior Only) Plaster Masonry Cement Block

© ProVinyl

© ProVinyl is classified as a speciality coating and was designed to restore aged and discolored vinyl faced sheetrock kitchen ceiling tiles. This 100% acrylic enamel coating dries quickly and contains ceramic microspheres for a more durable, washable surface. This coating contains Microban which inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mildew and other fungal growth on dried paint film.  It can be tinted to any color and provides superior durability while also minimizing surface defects, making it the ideal, all-purpose finish.
Finally a completely cleanable, VOC compliant solution for aged vinyl faced sheetrock in food prep areas and a system that will not leave the tiles stuck to the supporting grid.

The Benefits:

1. Completely washable ceiling restoration solution 2. Restores your ceilings to a like new finish 3. VOC compliant turnkey solution vinyl sheet rock ceiling restoration ceiling repair Milwaukee Madison Green Bay



Ceiling Restoration for Food Prep Areas Requires ProVinyl

Vinyl faced sheetrock can be restored/resurfaced to a pristine look with ProVinyl, which satisfies the health department and prevents dumping this expensive tile in landfills. This product can also be used on existing vinyl wall coverings. ProVinyl is the restoration solution for expensive vinyl faced sheetrock tiles in clean rooms, restaurant kitchens, bakeries and other food prep areas. ProCoat has developed a system of properly degreasing and resurfacing/recoating the entire ceiling in place. The system was designed with the least amount of downtime and business interruption in mind.