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Our mission is to educate potential customers on the value and importance of surface sustainability for interior finishes and advancements in our industry. We perform our services better than the competition by offering quality craftsmanship that exceeds the perceived standards of restorative cleaning, resurfacing and re-coating.
My dad and company founder, Pete Oechsner believes we all should be stewards of our planet. He was instrumental in the areas first recycling center through Horicon High School’s Ecology class in the spring of 1970, which coincides with the very first Earth Day.
In 1996, after years of manufacturing (he and my grandpa Francis Oechsner built a company called Sno-Bird Trailers out of Iron Ridge, Wisconsin), he started building Specialized Maintenance Service, LLC. Pete soon discovered a need for restoration and maintenance for aged/neglected commercial and industrial interior surfaces.
I joined the company in February of 2005. Now a father and son operation, we began transitioning into the field of stone, tile/grout restoration and care. I trained in this specialized field with professionals from Arizona and Minnesota and network with stone pros from around the nation. In 2010 we became certified applicators for ProCoat Products ceilings and walls restorative coatings.
After 6 years in the United States Navy and 4 years earning a bachelor’s degree in Communications, my brother Aaron joined SMS and our mission to sustain and maintain buildings by focusing his attention on raising awareness of the benefits of surface sustainability in buildings.
An exciting culture has been formed thanks in large part to the continued long lasting relationships with our partners and suppliers of eco-friendly products and materials. Together we’ve created some of the best recycling programs as far as reusing materials are concerned. Most of this tried and true technology and product is nothing new and has been around since the early 1980’s. The advantage is we can sustain interior finish surfaces by restoring and maintaining them for another future generation, while drastically reducing the amount of material waste.
Our team and associate subcontractors have experience in construction, finish carpentry, project management and other specialty trades. Our projects range from our listed core services to commercial renovations, polished and decorative concrete options. We are licensed and insured contractors, servicing all of Wisconsin, northern Illinois, eastern Minnesota, eastern Iowa and the UP of Michigan. Through the years, we shaped our identity. We now know who we are and what we’re capable of (or not capable of). We are leaders in surface sustainability, yet we know our limits.


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by Pete Oechsner Jr.
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