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Restorative Ceiling Cleaning

Our Restorative Cleaning process will brighten your facility, remove dirt and other contaminates and leave your Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wisconsin facility looking great!
We have been leaders in ceiling in wall cleaning since 1996.

How Does The Process Work?

The solutions used in our process cause the soil to change its properties, breaking down the particles to approximately two microns. Capillary action removes the soil from the pores as well as the surface. The activated solution contains a variety of ingredients intended to attack the specific soil types we work on. The soil is instantly loosened and starts to fall with the mist.

Our cleaning process removes these
contaminated molecules from the surface:

Smoke | Nicotine
Bacteria | Germs
Pollen | Fungi
Mold | Mildew
Allergenic Agents | Infectious Agents
Dust Mites
Cooking Oils
Greases | Food particles
Decaying Organic Matter

Acoustical ceilings are the second
largest bacterial sponge next to carpeting.

Our restorative cleaning process disinfects and sanitizes the entire ceiling in place.This vital process helps improve the IAQ
or Indoor Air Quality while reducing the effects of Sick Building Syndrome by eliminating microorganisms embedded deep in the pores.

Our Cleaning Process Works On All Ceilings.

Ceiling & Wall Cleaning

Our process includes deep cleans to your tiles, grid, vents, diffusers, lights, speaker plates, cameras, detectors, sprinkler heads and other fixtures. Our cleaning process will improve the look, feel, and cleanliness of your entire Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wisconsin facility. We use eco-friendly products with low VOC’s and are LEED and FDA compliant. acoustical ceiling cleaning in Milwaukee industrial warehouse ceiling cleaning in Milwaukee

Vinyl Sheetrock Ceilings

 These “code” ceilings are required in food service areas, clean rooms and restrooms. Vinyl faced sheetrock ceilings can actually last the lifetime of a building when properly maintained. But with time  vinyl sheetrock ceilings will collect dirt, grease, food particles and many other microbial molecules.  SMS is able to chemically restore these ceilings at literally a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Exposed Upper Deck

Indoor dust commonly consists of dead skin cells, decaying organic matter, textile fibers, paper fibers and minerals from outdoor soil. Overtime, dust can become so thick that it has a hair like quality. Besides having unappealing, dusty, dirty, tired looking surfaces, an extraordinary number of dust mites are present. Dust mites are the leading causes of indoor air allergies and Asthma. Our typical Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wisconsin scope includes combo wet/dry cleaning of rafters, ceiling deck, support columns and beams, air tubes, plenums, lights, piping, conduit, chains, cables, fixtures and upper walls.  Ninety eight percent of these type projects are in commercial and industrial facilities.

Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustical ceilings are designed to absorb sound, and in all reality they absorb everything. Dirt, smoke, organic mattter and RSP’s to VOC’s. These minute air borne toxins are not visible to the naked eye; giving the false impression the ceiling surface is clean. Our company knows how to maintain complete cleanliness and sanitation to your most delicate surfaces. As an option for any visible soil, SMS offers a vent & diffuser area clean which includes the vents, diffusers and the surrounding tiles that will bring a nice touch to any facility!

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