Attention: Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wisconsin Architects, Designers, General Contractors, Project Managers, Property Managers & Building Owners;
The information on this page was written by industry professionals and is intended to help explain the benefits of restoration and maintenance of finish surfaces with ecological and economical responsible techniques.

LEED credits can be earned utilizing restoration technology

Reusing existing material
Avoiding solid waste disposal
Extremely low VOC’s
Leveraging energy saving investment points can be earned

Downloadable Sustainable Information

LEED EB Credits.pdf
Leed Eb Sheet 184.7 KB

Architects Letter.pdf
Architects letter 1.6 MB

ProCoat Capital Improvement.pdf CAPEX Ceiling Restoration 2.5 MB

ProCoat Test Results.pdf ProCoatTestResult 25.08 KB

Tectum Letter.pdf Tectum Letter 538.2 KB

Sustainable Stone Floor Maintenance Program.pdf Sustainable Stone Floor Maintenance Program 112.3 KB

CSI Codes
Div 4. Masonry/Stone
04 9900  – Maintenance of Marble & Masonry
Div 9. Finishes
09 3095 – Tile & Stone Installation Materials and Specialties
09 6300 – Masonry & Stone Flooring
09 6600 – Terrazzo
09 4900 – Terrazzo Restoration
09 5100 – Acoustical Ceilings
09 5900 – Maintenance of Ceilings and Restoration
09 9600 – High-Performance Coatings

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