“For over 20 years we have provided restoration, re-finishing and repair of commercial interior surfaces and floors after normal business hours as to create very little business interruption.”

  • Dingy, Discolored Outdated Acoustical CeilingsCleaning and Resurfacing
  • Class-A Marble/Stone Floors and SurfacesRefinishing and Polishing
  • Food Prep Ceilings and WallsRestorative Cleans and Resurfacing
  • Open Deck/RaftersWarehouse Ceilings HEPA Vacuuming and Cleaning

Save Money

Companies Wanting a Fresh Appearance Within Tight Budgets.


Specialized Maintenance Service can save you money. We are restoration experts and pride ourselves in the fact that we can offer our restoration packages at a fraction of the cost to companies who thought complete replacement was their only option. Replacement is very costly as you already know due to material costs, labor costs, electrical, HVAC costs and other unforeseen expenses that tend to arise during replacement.
SMS can offer REAL value at almost a ⅓ of the price to property managers and building owners across the midwest. We can restore your surface to an almost “better than new” look! SMS has seen steady growth in all divisions. We believe this value paired with our quality workmanship is what attracts business for our company. We are grateful to work with some of the largest companies in our market.

Cost-Effective. Time Efficient

  • 1. Our ceiling and floor restoration packages typically cost around 1/3 the cost of replacement in half of the time. This includes materials, labor and education we provide your staff regarding maintenance of your newly resurfaced building asset.
  • 2. Remodeling costs tend to go over budget. We have over a 95% success rate staying within budget.
  • 3. Replacing ceiling materials are expensive. Why replace when restoration can offer similar or better results?
  • 4. No need to change your building’s footprint? Why spend unnecessary dollars on architects and engineers?

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GO Green

Companies Have Created Sustainability Initiatives by Going Green.


Going green can have many benefits. The most common being the goal of qualifying your building for LEED credits. While that is a great reason to “go Green” we would like to take it a step further. Going green has so many more benefits. SMS believes we should all be stewards of our earth and recycle the materials we already have instead of filling up landfills. Why spend twice the amount of money on new, when restoration can produce similar results without having to take down old material and fill up landfills with it. If our restoration process is a good fit for you and the environment, why pay more and waste more?
Our intent is to help various companies and property managers with this very task, go green and stay green. We know there are times when restoration just doesn’t fit with a remodeling project. Many companies have no idea that their old material can be restored or resurfaced, which can provide a brand new look. SMS offers different color options to help match your project’s goals. With so much material being wasted these days we firmly believe that restoration and eco-friendly options are important to the condition of our planet.

Support Earth. Go Green

  • 1. No better way to sustain than Restore and Recycle the materials you already have.
  • 2. SMS uses products and chemicals with low VOC’s thus improving the Indoor Air Quality.
  • 3. We educate your staff about Ecological Impact and low maintenance requirements.
  • 4. Reduce your carbon footprint by RE-USING the materials you already have!

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Maximize Assets

Our Restoration Processes Can Help You Maximize Assets.


  • 1. SMS restoration processes can help you maximize the buildings surfaces you already own.
  • 2. To extend its useful life beyond that originally estimated.
  • 3. A cleaner, brighter and safe facility will increase employee productivity.
  • 4. A well maintained facility makes a positive impression on customers and clients.
  • 5. Promotes a healthy indoor environment.
  • 6. Shows good management.

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