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Disinfecting Deep Cleans

Our method for grout cleaning is a 5 step (minimum) process, which consists of the application of high alkaline degreasers then agitated with aggressive rotary grit brushes, grout brushes and deck brushes. Stubborn stains and ugly mop lines on baseboards are eliminated by vapor steamers and special detailing tools. After wet vac extraction and flushing the floor with clean water we “shock” the grout using a low pH cleaner. The final mop solution is fortified with a hospital grade disinfectant.
 Tile manufacturers recommend commercial buildings have tile and grout cleaned every 12 to 18 months due to frequent foot traffic.
Process Ideal For:
All Types Tile & Grout
Pool Decks
Concrete Floors
Epoxy Floors
And More

Grout Color Seal

Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wisconsin colored grout pro sealers lock in color & seal out stains. Colored sealants were designed as a green link for easily cleaning porous grout. Our cleaning solutions are fortified with a hospital grade disinfectant that deep cleans the tile and grout which is vitally important. The tiles are durable and will last for decades but the grout between is very porous and will collect dirt, grease, bacteria, mold, etc. and could harbor infectious pathogens. The disinfecting deep clean process prepares the grout for the color seal application. This application preserves the new look, seals out dirt and stains while keeping the grout uniform in color. Grout color sealants are endorsed by  national grout manufacturers, adding value and beauty to flooring investments when professionally applied. Maintaining these surfaces will be much easier when using neutral pH cleaners instead of scrubbing on your hands and knees with harsh chemicals.


Tile & Grout Clear Seal

We perform the disinfecting deep clean process followed by sealing options.(Depending on age, and atmosphere, uniform grout is not guaranteed with clear sealers.) grout cleaning tile repair Madison Milwaukee Green Bay

Grout Color Stain/Sealer Easy Green Clean Instructions

Spreading dirty water around is not cleaning nor is it maintenance. Following the proper maintenance procedures ensures lasting, high quality and professional results. Dry maintenance should be done on a daily basis. Wet maintenance could be done weekly, depending on how much traffic the floor receives. Spot clean when needed. When SMS finishes a grout color sealing project, keep the floor dry for 1 week (depending on foot traffic) to allow proper cure.

Dry Maintenance

      • Sweep or vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris.
      • Dust mop to pick up loose impediments

Wet Maintenance

    • Always mop with clean mop heads and clean water.
    • Mix 1 to 4 oz. of Neutral PH Cleaner per gallon of clean water.
    • Apply solution to area to be cleaned.
    • Allow cleaner to dwell for a couple of minutes.
    • Agitate cleaner with a soft bristle brush or clean mop head to loosen dirt.
    • For heavily soiled floors – Wet/vac up the dirty solution.
    • Rinse and flush the area thoroughly with clean water.
    • Wet/vac up the water.
    • Dry the excess water from grout joints with a terry cloth towel or dry mop head.Wet/vac up the water.


Avoid steam cleaning, mopping with bleach, vinegar, ammonia and other harsh cleaners. These methods and types of cleaners will diminish the life of the color stain/seal protection. The Neutral PH cleaner will not damage the protection. Depending on how dirty the tile & grout is, change cleaning solution every 100 to 500 square feet.

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